Jim M asked: What is an App you think folks should know about? I know there are too many to know, but perhaps folks can throw one of their favorites out.

At a session I did in MSAD #6 last week, a music teacher introduced me to Singing Fingers HD, which is described as, "Finger-Painting with Sound..."

Using Toontastic children can draw their own backgrounds, characters, (or use art provided) then animate to create a story. An interesting twist- now being used to support summer reading, encouraging children to retell favorite stories through their own cartoon stories (and have heard of this being used with children learning English, to retell current events stories.)

Susan Addis, English as a Second Language Teacher at Gateway Regional Schools in Huntington, MA has shared her list of language attainment and practice apps (updated April 8, 2011) and also maintains a blog called "iOS Teacher"

Heard good things about Sonic Pics, and found a tutorial created by Suzanne Sallee, using Sonic Pics to explain/show how it works.

Our App Lists:

Bonnie Blagojevic's Appolicious site

Hillary Brumer's Appolicious site

Hillary Brumer's Twitter feed with links to app developers

*Interesting note: Can sometimes provide suggestions/have conversations with app developers, which can impact products. Also, hear about coming attractions, such as the Word Wizard preview shared by the developer of Montessori Crosswords and now available as an app.