Prior to our Young Children and iPads Round Table discussion (April 2011), let's learn more about each other and our interests in exploring ways young children can use the iPad in early education settings to provide access to learning.

Please jump in! (Name, contact info/pertinent links, iPad interests and experiences, app favorites/why, etc.)

The Early Childhood Education Program at UMaine, Orono has recently started a small pilot project using the iPad with preschool aged children in their lab school; Katherine Miles Durst Child Development Learning Center. For this work, we have been looking at apps for young children, and in particular, have created and are testing a rubric to evaluate "abc" apps. With so many apps available, we are interested in exploring how we can help UMaine students (and others) evaluate apps for use with young children.

Meet the group working on this project:
Susan Bennett-Armistead, Assistant Professor – Literacy Area Programs
Bonnie Blagojevic , Research Associate, UMaine Center for Community Inclusion, active member of the NAEYC Technology & Young Children Interest Forum
Mary Ellin Logue, Associate professor Early Childhood Education
Vicki Lynch
Malinda Merrill
Deborah L. Rooks-Ellis, Assistant Professor - Early Intervention
Jim Moulton - Education Development Executive - Apple Inc.
Leah Tuffley, RSU 26 Glenburn/Orono/Veazie Special Education Offices
Hillary Brumer, Assistive Technology Specialist, RSU 21
Karen Thomes, Child Development Services/Preschool Early Intervention Specialist